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Handmade Judy Jetson Costume 


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Handmade Judy Jetson Costume 

Written By: Kelsey 


This is my handmade Judy Jetson Halloween costume for 201 1 . It cost me $8 (plus maybe 
another $8 for the tutu that I had already made eariler in the year) and it took just a few days 
to make. I also upcycled cardboard boxes and a notebook cover to make a few parts of it. I 
love handmade so, of course, I LOVE Halloween. I call it Handmade Halloween now because 
I always take time to make a cool costume. 

Step 1 — Full costume 

i ( 1 1 


• I made both the skirt and top to be 
worn again as everyday wear. 

• I used a pattern for a summer top 
and modified it by cropping it and 
adding a thick band on the bottom 
and half way around the sleeves 
instead of hemming as the pattern 

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Handmade Judy Jetson Costume 

Step 2 — Pockets on skirt 

• The skirt looks less cartoonish 
when worn without the tutu 
underneath and it can be worn in 
everyday life. I used a twill material 
that I would want to wear again and 
I added pockets to make it 

Step 3 — Costume shown with under-skirt tutu 

• The skirt weighs it down a bit but 
the tutu has many layers and 
sticks almost straight out when 
fully poofed (the giant skirt was my 
favorite part!). 

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Handmade Judy Jetson Costume 

Step 4 — The Jetsons pin 

• I made the Jetsons pin out of a notebook cover. 

• My favorite part was that even after I told people that I made the costume many said, 
"Yeah, but where did you get the pin?" I had to tell them that I made it ALL! 

• I printed two copies of the logo and attached them to a piece of cardboard from an old 
notebook cover. From one I cut out just the letters, and from the other I cut out just the 
outline. I added Dimensional Magic to both the letters and the background/outline cutout. 
After they dried I glued them on top of each other and added a pin back. 

• On the back of the Jetsons pin, you can see what used to be the front of the notebook. 

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Handmade Judy Jetson Costume 

Step 5 — Back of the triangle collar 

• I used a Diet Coke box covered 
with fabric for the collar and left the 
back uncovered so that I could 
show people. 

Step 6 


c£/ \ 


• The Jetsons family. 

• I am the daughter, Judy, on the 

• I used my imagination with the hair 
(since I think hair paint and 
costume-store wigs look cheap). I 
put my hair up in a fountain-style 
pony tail on top of my head and 
pinned my bangs in a poof in front. 

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